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R-Live Scaffold Free 3D Human Liver Tissue

Stable and Long Lasting Live Liver Tissue.

R-Live: A Superior 3D Human Tissue Model
Combines Click Chemistry and Cell Surface Engineering to Assemble Multiple Liver Cell Types in 3D

The Best Tissue Model for Your Study
Compare Various 2D and 3D Liver Tissue Constructs Composed of 1-6 Different Cell Types.

Excellent Liver Tissue Function
Outstanding Reproducible Performance in Liver Assays. Long Lasting, Durable Functional in vitro 3D Liver Tissue Model.

Maintain Healthy Cells
Maintains cellular biology and metabolism during manufacturing process to accurately represent the biology being modeled.

The Cells are the Scaffold
No hydrogels or polymers used in the Manufacturing Process.

Simplify Assay Design
Easy-to-use robust protocol

 Schematic and images of the procedure to assemble cells via bio-orthogonal chemistry and cell surface engineering. (Top) Rapid method to assemble any cell types in a stable co-culture. (Bottom) Various Images showing different co-culture spheroid sizes and cell types. Confocal images of various 3D co-culture tissues with control of orientation and scaling for a broad range of cell types. Can assemble a single cell type or multiple cell types into stable spheroids or tissues. Without ViaGlue, cells do not assemble and only single cells or monolayer of cells in culture are generated.

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Custom Tissue Partnerships

OrganoLinX works collaboratively with industry partners to design and create custom 3D tissues for a variety of in vitro and in vivo applications.

Learn more about the process of creating 3D tissues, or contact us for more information.