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Custom 3D Tissue Partnerships

OrganoLinX works collaboratively with industry partners to design and create R-Live 3D tissues for both in vitro and therapeutic applications. There is tremendous demand for relevant predictive preclinical tissue models to assess toxicity and efficacy due to increasing late-stage clinical trial failures. We work together with partners to understand their design criteria, cell types and assay requirements to develop custom tissues for drug discovery and preclinical disease modeling. These tissues can be supplied in multi-well plates or other formats, allowing researchers access to fully human, multiple cell type correct, functional 3D tissues—a revolutionary opportunity to test drugs on functional human tissues before entering clinical trials.

Scaffold-Free 3D Tissues

Our 3D tissue models only contain human cells and extracellular matrix. No exogenous scaffold, hydrogel or biodegradable material is used to assemble or entrap the cells. Our thick tissues are densely cellular, with a micro-architecture that closely resembles in vivo tissues.

Biologically Relevant

Our 3D tissues look and feel like living human tissue, and they can be used to elicit a response that’s representative of in vivo biology in an in vitro environment. They can be handled like real tissues—for example, researchers can perform serial biopsies on the same tissue, allowing them to measure how the tissue changes over time.

Any Tissue Type; Any Disease

We can construct 3D tissue models using nearly any tissue type, for nearly any disease. We can start with a wide variety of cellular inputs, including patient samples, which is critical for rare disease modeling and genetic diseases. Tissue can be delivered in a variety of different formats, such as multi-well plates or larger blocks or slices of tissue, depending on need.

Learn more about the process of creating custom 3D tissue models, or contact us for more information.